I have produced 44 episodes of this fictional podcast. Most of those episodes were produced before I had any following. They were made just because I wanted to tell this story in a unique way. I had no musical talent and I needed to use stock loops and sound effects to produce the show. For a time, it was good and worked really well.

I have began to build quite a loyal following, and now I want to produce a better experience for my listeners, that is why I am producing this blog. I want you guys to follow along with me as I learn to score music and slowly transition into composing entire soundtracks for this series.

Lets get some of the particulars out of the way first.
I am using Pro Tools 12. I got the membership.
I have an Akai MPK Mini.
and that is about it.

Getting started has been the biggest challenge. I really wanted different themes for each character as well as each situation. As of the time of this post, I have created 2 of those themes.

Sorrow in the Maze


This particular track is designed to elicit an emotion of desolation and lonliness. Sam wanders through this maze for about 7 years by himself. With no one to talk to, it is a very depressing situation.

  • I am using a minor key.
  • The overall feel for the maze and all characters that appear in there is D chord.
  • The main flow is D-F-A, D-F-G.
  • I added the Cellos¬†To give it some body and the choirs to add some theatrics to it.

The next piece I composed was a generalized theme for Malice



The main goal of this piece was to establish a general theme. Each component of this piece can stand alone as a solo instrument. I can also take the MIDI sequences and apply them to a variety of instruments and get the same melody, but elicit different emotions while staying with his theme. I really needed for this to be grungy and dirty. Malice is a character built from hate and i wanted his presence to convey that. While this is not the final piece, it is a great start in that direction.

  • This is in a Minor key.
  • The main flow is D-F-A, D-F-G.
  • There are a mixture of Timpani drums that have no particular cadence. I really wanted things to feel off when we encounter Malice. I have also used Cellos and grungy guitars.

The trickiest part about this that I have found so far is composing ¬†with an elastic feel in mind. This isn’t like making beats. We may encounter a character for a moment or they could be the focus of an entire episode. These pieces need to be able to shrink and stretch at any point.